Write For This Blog

Milton is almost always on the road. You know that old saying, “he lives, eats, and breaths this stuff”? Yeah, well, you could say that describes Milton to a T. In fact, most people already do. You see, even after all these years, Milton still spends the bulk of his time hauling equipment for his company, Schneider Equipment Hauling, based out of Omaha, Nebraska. It’s for that reason that Milton has an inadequate amount of time to devote to this blog. Oh he’ll be kickin’ around, for sure. But not as much as he’d like to.

That’s exactly why we need you. Milton will, of course, contribute here whenever his schedule permits, as will some of the other partners and drivers of Schneider Equipment Hauling. But we’d love to compile a healthy resource and directory of industry information, the likes of which we can’t do alone. Consider writing for this blog, and we’d love to put your name out there to promote your small business or website. Shoot us an email, and let’s get to work.