Tough Jobs Made Easy: an Overview of Air Compressors

Schneider Equipment Hauling doesn’t only have heavy machinery knowledge but many of our people once worked in construction. They understand the importance of having certain tools on hand in order to get a big job done quickly and efficiently. Air compressors are one of many on that list. While these hefty tools are generally pretty expensive, owning one will change the game when it comes to building, maintenance and auto repair. These air tools, once you’ve managed to learn how to work with them, will make daunting home repairs fun and easy. There are a few different things to watch out for when looking for an air compressor and even after you’ve bought one. Paying attention to the manual and following the instructions sounds obvious but it’s very important to do this. Neglecting said instructions could lead to potential safety hazards. Schneider is here for you and with our knowledge, we’ll be able to guide you into finding the best compressors for your projects and hopefully give you worthwhile information on how to use and take care of your new air compressor.

Is It Necessary?

Not all jobs will require an air compressor but there are many that will move along a lot smoother if you had one. Knowing if this tool will be beneficial to you is the first step. There are so many ways to use them, you might be surprised.

  1. Vehicle repair– Getting stubborn bolts to loosen will be an issue of the past. The force from an air compressor will knock bolts loose in seconds. You’ll also be able to fill tires whenever it’s needed.
  2. Nailing– Using one of these air tools for nailing will save a ton of time when replacing molding in your home. Any big project that requires nailing takes not only a lot of energy but hours out of the day. Compressors are fast and accurate.
  3. Painting– Imagine having to repaint the doors in your home. Brushing, letting dry and brushing or rolling again. The streaks are hard to get rid of unless you have the patience waiting for oil based paint to dry. Having a compressor would allow for nearly effortless, even painting. You’d be able to finish the new cabinets in a single day.

Types of Compressors

Like most tools, there isn’t just one style and there are many factors to consider. However, with air compressors there are generally only a few basic kinds and from there, they can broken down into smaller categories. Some, require oil to run, others, water. They can be custom built or you can purchase one that is packaged and ready to go. Overall, the maintenance list for each kind is very similar. You’ll want to stay on top of routine upkeep on your compressor. These pricey machines can do wonders for a variety of projects but failing to take care of them properly will result in early malfunction.

With your new air compressor, tasks are quick and energy is saved!