Milton Schneider started this Omaha, Nebraska equipment hauling company with nothing more than one truck and trailer. For the first eight months, he did all of the “heavy lifting” himself, hauling equipment for business owners, farms and industries all over the state. Over the years, Schneider Equipment Hauling was born.

Milton has carefully built a strong, trustworthy crew of equipment haulers. They can move anything, anywhere, any time. What began as a local gig done in one industrious man’s spare time has now spread to serve an entire tri-state area.

No matter if your needs are in construction, petro-chemical, cranes, energy equipment, manufacturing, shipping and so on, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today by sending Milton an email. He’ll either be in touch directly or have one of his partners reach out right away. After all, rare is the day that Milton isn’t behind the wheel of a rig, even to this day.