Another Job Done Right: Moving A Log Splitter Across Three States

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — Schneider Equipment Hauling will move your large and hard-to-move items anywhere in the lower 48. Although it is not without hazard, we do it quickly and safely, ensuring that your product makes it to you in tact. Here are the details of our most recent journey moving a client’s large log splitter from our headquarters in Omaha to just outside of Roseburg, Oregon where a local lumber business was ethically harvesting timber for production.

Moving A Log Splitter — What Needs To Be Done For Safe Transport

Moving log splitters (like these) might seem like a fairly easy task to the untrained eye. After all, they are not the most enormous pieces of equipment that we transport. However, because the company was harvesting trees that were over 20 inches in diameter and were green, they weren’t your everyday Joe splitters. The splitter we moved was a 30 ton force splitter. The company uses these large splitters due to the type of wood they cut. Because green wood is freshly felled and still contains the living moisture, it is much harder to split than seasoned logs.

Because we are transporting a large machine with sharp parts to it, our transport had to constantly verify (usually stopping no more than every hundred miles or so) that each movable part of the machine was strapped down. A lot of our driving was on highway, meaning we passed many civilian cars every few minutes. Slow driving and ample space between drivers was a must. Additionally, a lot of our driving was on back roads. Driving between Idaho and Oregon contains many hills, but also many curves. This meant that our driving was much more deliberate, although other drivers were few and far between.

The Drive Itself

We began on June 1st, and set out from Omaha. Between Omaha and Laramie it began to rain, so conditions were not ideal. We had to pull over to the side of the road at one point because it began to hail! Luckily, the covers we used to protect the splitter kept it safe. Once we got off of Interstate 80, it was all back roads through Idaho until we reached Boise. The highway through southern Idaho gets pretty fast and the roads get fairly poor, so we decided to go up around Craters of the Moon until just outside of Boise. We couldn’t stop there, but it sure got pretty.

An overnight in Boise, and the next day we set off toward Roseburg area. This is when the roads got really tricky, as they were small back roads mostly, and all of them were curvy. We bypassed Bend, working our way straight through the Umpqua National Forest. Finally, we made it to right outside Roseburg just to see the splitter into the hands of our clients. On June 4th, we made it in time to see the sunset. Then home again, home again, jiggity jig!

For an idea of what we saw going through the Umpqua National Forest, check out the video below. Until next time!